Accept bookings from your website

Do you already have a website?

You can easily add a booking engine to your website, accept direct reservations, and receive online payments.

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Add a booking engine to your website

Connect your website to your HotelRunner inventory, and display your rates and availabilities in real time.

Turn visitors into guests, and increase your conversion rates.

Build your direct channel

Get bookings from your own website and accept online payments using our mobile-friendly booking engine.

Market your property

Add your room types and rates, create and manage your content. Promote what makes your property unique and special.

Manage your inventory

Manage your direct bookings and availability with ease. With HotelRunner’s powerful inventory and rate management features, breeze through your inventory.

Accept online payments

Integrating a variety of payment systems into your website, including Stripe and PayPal, HotelRunner takes all the hassle out of accepting secure online payments.

Want to accept bookings from your own website?

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Sell more services

HotelRunner’s powerful booking engine allows you to promote and sell more services on your website.

In addition to your rooms, you can sell packages and extras (like airport transfers and daily tours) to your guests at the time of booking.

Go international

Your guests’ booking experience can be in any language.

HotelRunner supports 24 built-in languages (up to 84), 159 currencies, and local tax rates. Guests can see prices in their local currency with real-time conversion rates. This way, you can market in as many countries as you want.

Built-in languages

Unlock the multilingual features of your booking engine with built-in languages and provide a localized booking experience to your guests.

  • English

  • Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)

  • Bulgarian

  • German (Germany)

  • Greek

  • Spanish (Spain)

  • French (France)

  • Hindi

  • Croatian

  • Hungarian

  • Indonesian (Indonesia)

  • Italian (Italy)

  • Korean

  • Malay (Malaysia)

  • Dutch (Netherlands)

  • Norwegian (Norway)

  • Portuguese (Portugal)

  • Romanian

  • Russian

  • Swahili

  • Thai

  • Tagalog (Philippines)

  • Turkish

  • Chinese (China)

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