Get direct bookings from Google.com and Google Maps by activating Google Hotel Ads Commission Program.

Pay commissions only after guests stay at your hotel.

List my rooms on Google
List rooms on Google

HotelRunner is an official worldwide Google Hotel Ads Commission Program partner. 🏆

Activate Google Hotel Ads

Millions of hotel searches are performed on Google every day. Hotel Ads appear globally on Google.com and Google Maps, wherever travellers are searching for hotels.

You can capture the demand by activating Google Hotel Ads via your HotelRunner account and own the relationship between your property and your guests.

Get direct bookings

With Google Hotel Ads, guests can book directly on your property’s website. So you’ll own the relationship from the first click.

As the property owner, you charge the guest directly and manage the booking just like a direct booking on your website.

Commission Program (GHACP)

Properties participating in the CPA based Google Hotel Ads Commission Program (GHACP) only pay a commission when a valid hotel booking is consumed. Commissions to Google are paid through HotelRunner.

CPA (Cost per Acquisition) is different from the metasearch engine model CPC (Cost per Click). With this model, you only pay when your ad generates a booking.

Get zero-commission bookings from Google

With the new “free booking links”, you can enjoy zero-commission bookings as well!

Paid ads are displayed at the top of Google’s search results while free booking links are on the bottom to give travelers more comprehensive options.

Increase your property’s visibility with both paid ads and free links. Start your Google Hotel Ads subscription via HotelRunner, become automatically eligible to display free booking links!

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